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Mentoring Course

Mentoring is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.

This Course will take you from a Base understanding of the NDIS to a Higher Level understanding of the NDIS. 

Knowledge is Power.

We give you the knowledge so that you can Empower others.

We give you the knowledge so that you can Empower others.

Components Covered:
- The knowledge and understanding of Mentoring
- Disability Acronyms
- Privacy & Confidentiality
- NDIS Access Process
- NDIS Planning Process
- NDIS "Our Guidelines"
- NDIS Act 2013
- NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits
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NDIS Basics

The NDIS is an ever changing, at times complex, Government Insurance Scheme for people with Disabilities.

This course will decrease the mystery and increase your knowledge of the NDIS..

The NDIS has been established to allow the participant to achieve stated goals identified in their day-to-day support plans; taking appropriate action within a human rights framework to ensure NDIS participants personal safety and rights.

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Components Covered:.

- NDIS Basics
- NDIS Booklets and Documentation
- NDIS Organisational Structure
- NDIS Act 2013
- NDIS – Our Guidelines
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NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (NDIS Price Guide)

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements & Price Limits is a guide for both Participants and Service Providers.

Price limits are the maximum prices that registered providers can charge NDIS participants for specific supports.

There is a lot of Confusion, and lack of Understanding around what the NDIS Funding can be used for. Often Participants are loath to spend in case they utilise the funding in the wrong way, or they are having difficulty knowing who can supply the services they require.

The Bible of the NDIS

Components Covered:

- The General Sections
- General Claiming Rules
- Core Supports
- Capital Supports
- Capacity Building Supports
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How To Prepare For A NDIS Planning Meeting

The thought of a Planning Meeting with an NDIS Representative, can be very overwhelming.

Quite often finding out what you need for the meeting is not so simple.

This course explains the lengths, resources, documents, and time you require to use.

Quite often finding out what you need for the meeting is not so simple.

Need to know information about NDIS Planning

Components Covered:

- Resources available to assist in Planning
- Minimum amount of information you should attend with
- Goal setting
- Reports, Assessments, etc required
- How the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits
document is your bible for Planning Purposes
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How To Prepare and Complete An NDIS Access Request

The NDIS Access Request is your first step in accessing the NDIS for funding to assist, build skills, and access supports services.

Given this we have built this course to guide you through the Process as per NDIS Booklet 1, plus further information that we have learnt through our own experiences and that of our clients.

How to get it right the first time

Components Covered:

- NDIS Basics
- NDIS Access Request Process
- NDIS Access Request Components
- Documentation Required
- Information to guide your through the process
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Understanding Your NDIS Plan and the funding within

In a lot of cases, we receive the plan, either in the:,
- mail,
- via email,
- or a phone call from your LAC/ Planner,

but have no real idea of:
- where to go next, or
- who to talk to

We break it down for you.

Make the most of your funding

Components Covered:

- Breaking Down the NDIS Plan
- Key Wording within the NDIS Plan
- How to reference the
NDIS Pricing Arrangements & Price Limits
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