Source: Developmental delay children under 6 years

Developmental delay may include:

How a child looks after them self:

  • showering,
  • bathing,
  • dressing,
  • eating,
  • toileting,
  • grooming,
  • sleeping


How a child understands and uses language:

  • being understood by other people by using gestures, pictures, words and sentences to communicate
    understanding what other people say and communicate


How a child thinks, learns and problem solves:

  • understanding and remembering information
  • learning new things and using new skills
  • planning, making decisions and completing tasks
  • developing pretend play skills and play interests
  • emotional development and social awareness


How a child uses their body to move:

  • moving around the home (sitting, crawling, walking)
  • moving to perform everyday routines
  • manipulating objects and using hands
  • moving about in the community