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Core Supports = “Assistance With”

Areas within which a Support Worker may provide assistance are:

  • Daily Personal Activities
    • Self Care Activities
    • Night-Time Sleepover Support 
      • includes up to two hours of active supports provided 
    • Live-in Carer (Stated Support)
    • Personal Domestic Activities 
      • skills to maintain their home environment 
    • On-Call Overnight Monitoring (Stated Support)
      • overnight on-call assistance (either onsite or off-site) 
    • Specialised Home Based Assistance for a Child 
      • provides specialist assistance in the home that is required due to additional requirements of a child’s disability and may be provided to strengthen the sustainability of informal supports 
    • Household Tasks
      • House or Yard Maintenance
      • House Cleaning And Other Household Activities
    • Linen Service (Stated Support)
    • Preparation and delivery of meals (Stated Support)
    • Self-Management Capacity Building 
      • flexibility to purchase services to strengthen their abilities and assistance to self-manage their funds and supports

  • Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities 

    • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities 

      • engage in community, social and recreational activities 

    • Community, Social and Recreational Activities 

      • providers to claim reimbursement for the costs of enabling a participant to independently engage in community, social and recreational activities when costs of participation exceed an affordable level and without, the participant would be at risk of social isolation. Participants may use this funding for activities such as camps, vacation and outside school hours’ care, course or membership fees 

    • Supports in Employment 

      • Specialised Supported Employment

        • participants who are employed and who are less independent in performing their work tasks or need frequent prompting and coaching to stay on track, communicate with others, or manage their behaviours. 

          • Supports Include:

            •  on the job assessments related to the impact of a person’s disability on their ability to work; 
            • job customisation; 

            • on-the-job training and intermittent support with daily work tasks; 

            • direct supervision and/or group-based support to enable meaningful participation at work; 

            • physical assistance and personal care delivered in the workplace;  

            • supports to manage disability-related behaviour or complex needs at work; and 

            • non face-to-face activities that are directly related to supporting a participant’s employment. 


High Intensity Supports

Different price limits apply depending on the Claiming for Time of Day and Day of Week when the support is delivered; the Level of Disability Support Worker who delivers the support. 

Therapy-related health supports
These Disability-Related Health Supports provide care, other than nursing care, to respond to the disability-related health needs of a participant where that care is not the usual responsibility of the health system. They have been temporarily duplicated into the Assistance with Daily Life Support Category so that participants can have greater access to these supports if they need them.