Vehicle modifications explained


Vehicle modifications mean changes to a vehicle, or the installation of equipment in it, to enable a participant to access it and, in some cases, operate it. 

Vehicle modifications may be included in your NDIS plan where it is a reasonable and necessary support that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.  The NDIS does not generally fund a vehicle for a participant – but may fund modifications to a vehicle the participant regularly uses or would use to address their transport needs.

It is important to note that it may take time to establish whether a participant will be able to meet the requirements to be legally licensed to operate a motor vehicle. This process itself may be a reasonable and necessary support, involving assessment, driving lessons and trials of different modification technologies. It would be usual for the participant to complete this process (if not currently a licensed driver) prior to the NDIA approving a capital vehicle modification support (for operating the vehicle) in their plan.

Identifying vehicle modification needs


Vehicles aged less than five years, under 80,000kms, are generally considered suitable to modify.  However, older vehicles and those with higher mileage may still be considered where there is evidence that their modification would be cost effective.

Before funding vehicle modifications, the NDIA will also consider the effectiveness of vehicle modifications having consideration to whether:

  • the modifications have been assessed and recommended by a suitably qualified professional AT assessor and specified and installed by a supplier in line with the relevant standards and state or territory regulations;
  • the participant owns the vehicle, or in the case of a vehicle owned by another person, whether the participant has use of the vehicle for their transport needs; and
  • the participant (or other person) is able to fund ongoing vehicle running costs, including registration, regular insurance, fuel, repairs and maintenance.

For further detail please refer to the Operational Guidelines


The NDIA may fund supports related or incidental to vehicle modifications. For example, driver assessments for the purpose of getting an endorsed license or driving lessons where a participant needs lessons to establish the skills to use the modified vehicle.

For further detail please refer to the Operational Guidelines

Further information and resources


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