Can you get funds to repair items?


Like other equipment, your assistive technology may need repairs.

If your item isn’t of acceptable quality or fit for purpose, you can ask your provider for a refund or replacement. This falls under the Australian Consumer Law .

However, we’ll include funding for repairs and maintenance in your plan for all assistive technology items:

  • for small repairs like a tyre puncture, we include funding in your Core – Consumables budget. If the Agency manages your funding, it’s in your Capital – Assistive Technology budget.
  • for major repairs like a regular service (If your repair is over $1,500, we’ll need a quote before we can approve the repairs being made), we include funding in your Capital – Assistive Technology budget.

You can tell us how much funding you need for repairs in a planning meeting. Or, we can calculate this for you.

You don’t need an assessment for repairs. If your plan has funding for repairs, you can get maintenance done as necessary.

But let us know if your repairs are expensive, or if you need them frequently. We may be able to discuss if a different item can support you better. Get in contact with your Local Area Coordinator, planner, or assistive technology advisor.

Even though your new assistive technology has a warranty, we’ll still include funding for repairs you may need due to things like accidental damage.

What if you don’t have enough funding left in your current budget for repairs?

Sometimes you need to fix something and might not have enough budget left.

Contact us about maintenance or repairs .

You might be able to get a new plan with funding for repairs. We’d need to check if this meets the reasonable and necessary criteria.

What if you need repairs for a powered mobility device?

We include quote required funding for powered mobility devices more than two years old. If you need these repairs, give your LAC, planner or ECEI coordinator a quote. If it meets the reasonable and necessary criteria, we can release the funding without a plan review.

What if you need urgent repairs?

You should try to get repairs and maintenance sorted during normal business hours, unless it’s really urgent.

If you need an urgent repair and don’t have enough funding in your budget, contact the National Contact Centre . We’ll let you know about the next steps.

Sometimes it’s better value to replace the assistive technology if it’s old or badly damaged.