When funding supports in a participant’s plan, such as assistance animals, the NDIA has to consider whether the support meets all of the general criteria for supports and  reasonable and necessary criteria  (see Section 34 of the NDIS Act and Section 10 of the Planning Operational Guideline).

What supports will the NDIS fund?

When funding an assistance animal, funded supports include the following:

  • a suitable and qualified animal, inclusive of associated participant assessment and provider incurred animal training costs; and
  • costs associated with maintenance of the animal for the working life of the animal.   

What evidence do I need to provide?

The NDIA needs evidence in writing with input from all of the following:

  • an NDIS Participant assistance animal provider;
  • allied health professionals; and
  • the participant.


Information from other professionals, such as a doctor, may also be provided where relevant to the assistance animal request.

What format do I use to provide the evidence?

The NDIA needs the information outlined in the next sections (14.3 and 14.4) to be provided in a report. The ‘NDIS Assistance Animal Assessment Template (DOCX)’ is available as the NDIA’s preferred format to help assessors and participants to provide the required information.