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Facts people are not aware of about People with Disabilities

Source:  People with disability in Australia 2020: in brief

“2 in 3 People with a disability aged under 65 see a medical specialist every year.

3 in 10 Have to wait at least a day before receiving able to see a GP for urgent care.

36% Of Disability Support Pension recipients have a psychosocial or psychiatric condition.”

“96% Live in Private Homes

1 in 8 Have Modified their accommodation because of their disability”

“400,000+ As at the Aug 7, 2020 registered with the NDIS.

4,000,000+ People with a disability reside in Australia.”

“9 in 10 School aged children with a disability attend school.

4 in 5 Children with disabilities within the school system have 1 or more schooling restrictions.

9 in 10 Children with a disability attend Mainstream school.”

“1 in 10 Have experienced discrimination in the last year

47% Have experienced violence after the age of 15.”

“43% Receive a government payment as their main source of income.”

“53% Are employed in the workforce.

68% Employed in the workforce have 1 or more employment restrictions.

88% Are employed do not require support to work.”

“3 in 5 Require assistance with at least 1 activity daily

88% Living in Residential Aged Care under the age of 65 have limitations in self-care.”