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A Guidance Angel is there to assist the Mentor, Participant, Parent and Carer.

A Mentor educates and empowers the participant, parent and carer with knowledge and information on the NDIS.  A mentor often leaves the participant, parent and carer with tasks that they need to undertake, to give them the best possible result with the stage of the NDIS process they are at.  

The Guidance Angel will assist, guide, aid the Participant, Parent and Carer through the tasks.  It can be from helping make a phone call through to organising the documents required.

Imagine being so overwhelmed that whilst you know you have to say go to the doctors who will make you feel better, you can’t even pick up the phone to make the appointment, or you’ve made the appointment but you are unable to leave your house due to anxiety.  These feelings are common amongst people dealing with the NDIS, the tasks seem so overpowering and massive, just taking that first step needs someone to sit with them to help them take it.

The people become task avoiders, procrastinators, or are unable to face up to the tasks.  Guidance Angel give the skills and abilities to these people, they help them take those first steps.