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Increase social confidence and moral support.
Listen, be supportive, develop a rapport.
Build Trust
Show the way the journey can go, demonstrate different perspectives.
Lead by example.
Give the participant control, authority and/or means to achieve.
Maintain privacy & confidentiality at all times

Type of Knowledge

Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the NDIS.
- the NDIS Act 2013
- the NDIS Commission
- the NDIS Quality and Safe Guards Commission
- the processes of the NDIS
- the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits
- the fact that a person doesn't just have a disability, but subsequent conditions
- the ability to collaborate with Service Providers

Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the a variety of Disabilities and Conditions.

Knowledge of the types of information, documentation, reports, assessments, etc required.

Qualities and Abilities

Ability to engage with participants and build trusted empowering relationships that motivate and build capacity through experience

Ability and willingness to use lived experience to put the participant at ease through realisation that you understand.

Ability to think outside of the box.

Ability to simplify the NDIS and its processes.


Give the participant time to finish what they are saying.

Pickup on body language

If you don't know the answer, say so. You can always have the Mentor get back to them with the correct answer

Give the participant your undivided attention, and acknowledge the message they are relaying

Show That You're Listening

Let them know they are not alone. The NDIS is about giving them quality of life, through assisting them with the services and supports they require