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Prior to Meeting

To ensure transparency and full understanding of services you will be providing, there are forms that you should email to the clients upon making the appointments.

1. Introduction

2. Disclaimer

3. Information Gathering

4. Service Agreement

These forms are confirmation of services being provided by the Guidance Angel. 

The information gathering form aides the Guidance Angel by giving opportunity to prepare prior to the meeting and to ensure that the information provided will encompass the expanse of information the client is going to require.

Face to Face Meeting

Steps to a successful Meeting:

  • Do your research.  Especially if you are not up to date on the types of disabilities they have.
  • If a Mentor has seen the client then go over the types of information actions the client has been asked to complete
  • If a Mentor has already seen the client you will have a copy of the items that are required to be covered with the client, your assistance will allow them to achieve the outcome they require.
  • The last 15 minutes of the meeting is ensuring that the client understands the steps they need to take to ensure they have the best documentation, information, and strategy for their meeting or submission of the Access Request Documentation.