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    • Reference = Participants NDIS Reference Number
    • NDIS Plan has been APPROVED
    • How we developed your Plan
      • In this sections they detail out the sections within the NDIS Act 2013 that they have referred to when considering your plan requests.
    • Source:  NDIS Example Plan Front Page.
      • “Please note that funds in your core budget are flexible.  This means you can choose how to spend this funding to meet your supports needs.”

What you need to do:

  • Read through your plan
  • Refer to NDIS Booklet 3
  • Budget the Supports you require over the time of the Plan
  • Tell your Support Providers of your new Plan
  • Notify your Support Providers of the Plan Start and End Dates
  • Sign Service Agreements with Service Providers and Supports that you engage


Next Steps

The steps the NDIS expects your NDIS Contact (LAC and/or Support Coordinator) to contact you re starting your Plan.

NDIS Plan not what you expected or funding will not cover the Services and Supports required.

You can request for your plan approval decision to be Internally reviewed.

Have your circumstances changed?

If your circumstances have changed since your plan meeting, which means the NDIS plan no longer meets your requirements then you can submit a “Change of Circumstances(S48) 

How to request a review of a Reviewable Decision.

Steps to requesting a “Review of a Reviewable Decision” .