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When reading the Goals, you need to break them into sections.

Section 1 (Goal)

The Goal is located directly under the titles Short Term Goal, Medium to Long Term Goal.

This describes the participants objective and/ or aspiration.

Section 2

How will I achieve this Goal.

This will detail out the services, supports, low to high cost AT, plus additional information, which will enable the Participant to achieve the goal/ aspiration.

Section 3

How will I be supported.

This will list out the variety of informal and formal supports that are going to be utilised in the achieving of the goal. Plus in some cases the anticipated outcomes.

The Sections that I have learnt to look at, as an indicator, as to the amount of funding, that has been allocated in each category are sections 1 and 3.

It is extremely important that not only the carer, family, informal supports are listed in this section. It should also mentions service providers, etc.

In a lot of instances where the funding has been significantly less than expected the description in this area for example may say “I will be supported by my family and LAC”.