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This section details out:

  • Mid to High Cost Assistive Technology
  • Mid to High Cost Repairs & Maintenance
  • Home Modifications
    • At times it will also list out specific funding for Low to Mid Cost Assistive Technology
      In the example below, amount listed is only for the self-managed purchases, the other AT does not have a stated amount:
      • Repairs and maintenance of AT
      • Repairs greater than $1500 require a quote
      • Rental/trial of AT
      • Assessor to determine suitability of Specialised Wheelchair
      • Other AT for Wheelchair


Assessment by an Assessor qualified in AT in:

  • training
  • trial
  • use
  • prescription
  • sign-off
  • report writing for Mid to High Cost AT


Quotes required for:

  • Wheelchair Powered
  • Hoist
  • Repairs – Major
  • PWC all Terrain / Heavy
  • Duty Base
  • Orthosis
  • Rental