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The NDIS recommend completing Booklet 2 in preparation for a NDIS Plan Meeting, whether it is the first one or a review.

We have found this not to be quite enough, especially when you have to prove Reasonable and Necessary plus value for money.

The most basic of forms that would be utilised on the Im Online Client Website are the Planning Forms plus the Funding Request Form:


When gathering information in addition to these forms, it is dependent on whether or not the Participant has stated only one Disability and no subsequent conditions, or if they have more than one Disability and/or Subsequent conditions listed.

A lot of Participants are unaware that the NDIS will list up to 5  primary Disabilities.  They also want to know at each review meeting which one is causing the most supports and services at the time, as they realise things change over time.  Our  additional forms make this simple.

Additional Forms from the Im Online Client Website that would be beneficial are: