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Initial Plan Meeting

When attending your Initial NDIS Plan Meeting, it is difficult to know what to take.  The following are recommendations of the type of documentation, information that will assist with your meeting:

  • NDIS Booklet 2 (if you are using it)
  • Example Im Online Initial Plan
  • Example – Im Online Estimated Costings
  • Documentation that you supplied for your Access Request
  • Recent Reports from Allied Health Professionals
  • Reports from any Service Provider that is being accessed
  • Reports from any Community or Recreational Pursuits being utilised
  • Quotations from services and supports for the next 12 months.
  • Quotations, AT Assessments, Relevant Reports for any Capital Supports required within the new plan.
  • If when you submitted the Access Request and you haven’t supplied current functional and medical information then:
  • Example -Im Online Impact Statements from Parents/Carers that have significant contact with the Participant
  • Also discuss which of the disabilities is causing the most requirement for support and services at the time, this may mean a reordering of them on the NDIS system.