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When applying to the NDIS for Access for a child under 7 years of age, it is important to have a complete understanding of what is:

  • Required
  • The complete Process
  • The Evidence of Disability / Delay / Disorder
  • Medical Information
  • Reports, etc


The following links will give you an in-depth level of knowledge in the process you are about to undertake:


Another important aspect to know is that everything changes at age 7.  This is when a child is transitioned into the 7 to 65 years of age NDIS.  When this is due to occur it is essential that you have either a diagnosis or other documentation that will meet the criteria for the next stage of the NDIS.  This NDIS does not fund Diagnostic Evidence this will fall on the shoulders of the Parents and/or Carers.


Children (0-6 years)

If you are a parent, guardian or representative of a child aged up to six years who may benefit from early intervention or disability support under the NDIS, you should contact an Early Childhood Partner in your area.

Early Childhood Partners can support you to gather evidence to make an NDIS access request.


In the case of a child with an already diagnosed disability/ies, it is often worth following the 7 – 65 Years Access Request Process, to ensure a high level of understanding of the child’s functional limitations, disability/ies  and subsequent conditions.