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To enable the NDIS to understand the disability, type of disability, level of Functional Abilities, and the effect this and the subsequent conditions have on the Participant, we have developed 2 forms to be completed in-conjunction with an Allied Health Professional.

Medical Information Form (click to open)

Functional Limitations (click to open)

These forms gather contact details, carers/parent details, functional abilities/limitations, plus disabilities and subsequent conditions.

The Knowledge Base and the Documents Library explain,  inform and assist with understanding the NDIS and the type of information required.

In the Medical Section it is important to:

  • List your disabilities in order of ones that affect your daily life the most at the top.
    • Disabilities are any that have been diagnosed.
      • Example
        • Disabilities:
          • Autism Level 2
          • Intellectual Disability
          • Specific Learning Disorder
          • ADHD
  • List the subsequent conditions that are a resultant from the Disabilities, with the ones that affect daily life the most at the top of the list.
    • Example
      • Subsequent Conditions
        • Incontinence
        • Dyspraxia
        • Limited Short Term Memory
        • Limited attention (Focus)
        • Dysgraphia
        • Restricted Diet


The Victorian Government published a Document in 2016, and they keep it up to date.  It is another document that assists in explaining the importance of  listing all disabilities and Subsequent Conditions (Functional Limitations).  The following link will allow you to download this document.

NDIS – child and family system interface practice guidelines (word)

We recommend where possible having the Allied Health Professional sign, stamp, date and validate the information contained within is true and correct.

Given this it is also recommended that the Allied Health Professional meet the following as per NDIS requirements:

  • The treating health professional who provides the evidence of your disability should: