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My Place Portal

The my place portal is a secure website portal on the Australian Government’s myGov website where you, or a person you trust (a nominee or third party decision maker), can access your NDIS information. If you already have a myGov account for other government services, such as Medicare, the Australian Taxation office or Centrelink, you can use the same myGov account for the NDIS. 

You will be given an activation code to use the first time you access the my \place portal. It is important that you access my place as soon as possible after you receive your activation code, as the code will expire after 10 days. 

If you need an activation code, or your activation code has expired, you can get another one by calling the NDIA on 1800 800 110 or contacting your ecei Coordinator, lac or Support Coordinator. 

What can you do on my place? 

  • See your current plan and previous plans 
  • Check your contact details 
  • See messages from the NDIS 
  • Create and view payment requests 
  • Create and manage service bookings 
  • Upload documents, including assessments 
  • Share your plan, or parts of your plan, with your service providers 
  • Find service providers