As per the NDIS Act 2013 to become a Participant of the NDIS the following requirements must be met:

  • Refer to Chapter 3—Participants and their plans
  • Complete the Required NDIS Forms approved by the CEO
  • Include information and documentation as required by the CEO
  • Certify that it includes all the information, and documents, required
  • If Access Request is Denied application can be made again, unless:
    • A review of decision is underway
  • CEO must within 21 days of receiving the Access Request:
    • Decide whether or not the person has been accepted or not
  • Meets the access criteria
  • Meets the age requirements
    • Age under 65
  • Meets the residence requirements
  • Meets the disability requirements
  • Meets the early intervention requirements
Source:  NDIS Act 2013
When a person ceases to be a participant:
  • (1) A person ceases to be a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme launch when:
    • (a) the person dies; or
    • (b) the person enters a residential care service on a permanent basis, or starts being provided with home care on a permanent basis, and this first occurs only after the person turns 65 years of age; or
    • (c) the person’s status as a participant is revoked under section 30; or
    • (d) the person notifies the CEO in writing that he or she no longer wishes to be a participant.
Note: Residential care service and home care have the same meanings as in the Aged Care Act 1997