In remote areas, capacity-building providers may enter specific arrangements with participants to cover travel costs, up to the relevant hourly rate for the support item. Providers should assist participants to minimise the travel costs that they need to pay (for example, by co-ordinating appointments with other participants in an area, so that travel costs can be shared between participants, or by considering the delivery of the support by tele-health where appropriate).


Source:  NDIS Price Arrangements and Price Limits

Source: NDIS Price Arrangements and Price Limits


Speech Pathologist to do an assessment for a child in Exmouth

Therapy onsite at clients 4 hours over 2 days Rate $290.00/hour

Driving Distance One Way 1262Km

Return Airfare Perth to Exmouth Price Range $500 to $1000 depending on time of day.

Accomodation Price Range $397+ / night

Hire Care Price Range $270 – $490 for two days

Meals and expenses $200+


Speech Therapy                                     $1160

Airfare                                                     $590

Accomodation  – 2 Nights                      $794

Hire Car 2 Days                                       $270

Economic Recompense                          $2300

Meals                                                       $300

Possible Charge to Participant               $5414

Negotiated Charge to Participant           $3314

The Speech Therapist negotiates with the Participant that they will cover the cost of Therapy Hours, Airfare (most economical), Accomodation (most economical), Hire Car (most economical), Economic Recompense (negotiated rate of $500), and that they weren’t to pay for any meals or general expenses as the Speech Pathologist would have those no matter where they were.