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source: https://ourguidelines.ndis.gov.au/supports-you-can-access-menu/equipment-and-technology/assistive-technology/how-do-we-consider-cost-assistive-technology

Mid cost assistive technology: between $1,500 and $15,000 per item
Mid cost items may be more difficult to choose and set up on your own to get the best outcome.

The Capital budget in your plan shows your mid cost assistive technology funding. This will be a broad category. For example, your plan might say ‘Assistive Products and Accessories for Personal Care, Hygiene, and Beds’.

Examples include:

  • a standing hoist
  • a customised shower chair
  • ankle-foot orthotics
    pressure care mattresses.

For mid cost assistive technology, we’re required to decide if we’ll include this in your plan in 10 days.