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Mentoring is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.

It’s an opportunity to give back to the community.

It’s your chance to impart the knowledge you have built up over the years to others that are just starting the journey or are on the journey.

The Courses we have assist in understanding the processes of the NDIS and how they affect Participants.

This Course will take you from a Base understanding of the NDIS to a Higher Level understanding of the NDIS.  The Course incorporates:

  • An overview of what Mentoring is
  • A breakdown of the NDIS, Requirements and Evidence of Disability
  • An overview of the NDIS Price Guide and the Supports and Services Funded within it
  • NDIS Plans and the Sections within
  • An overview of the I’m Online Website for Clients
  • I’m Online Tools available for the Mentor and/or Clients
  • How to use the I’m Online Forms & Workbooks
  • NDIS Proposed Changes
  • Scenarios


Knowledge is Power.

We give you the knowledge so that you can Empower others.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for people that wish to increase their knowledge of the NDIS.

This course is also a sound stepping stone to becoming a Mentor and enabling others living within the NDIS world.

Professionals within the Disability World wishing to have a broader understanding of the NDIS, NDIS process and increased knowledge in how to assist their clients who are participants or wish to become participants of the NDIS.

Learning Path

Information that is in Purple is direct from the source stated.  In most cases this will be NDIS Published Information.

General knowledge required to commence the course. 

Plus Privacy & Confidentiality which is the crux of the Medical and Disability world.  It is essential to have a basic understanding of this area. This knowledge is essential to work within the Disability World from Carer to Professional level.

The NDIS is a very complex system.  Whilst the NDIS has endeavoured to simplify the information, it is still complex.  

To be able to assist people in this area it is essential to have an all round knowledge of the areas that affect the Participants the most.  This module contains such information.

It is impossible to cover all areas of the NDIS so we have focussed on the main components that affect Participants.

This module guides you through the Mentoring process that we have found assists Participants, Parents and Carers from our own personal experiences.

From Access Request, Initial Planning, Review Planning to Complex Planning.

Plus how we use the resources available on our Clients Website to enable, inform and guide our clients through these processes.

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